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HAUT: How To Arrive After Landing

27. august 2023, 14:00

Kom og oplev værker i proces, når HAUT gæster Teatret Zeppelin med deres residensformat IN PROCESS, IN SEED og IN PRODUCTION flere gange i løbet af teatersæsonen.

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Den 27. august inviterer HAUT til åben arbejdsvisning (worksharing) som afslutning på Šárka Benedová, Atul Giri, Helene Düring Kjær, Victoria Heggelund and Martine Rubin Wollan arbejdsuge på Teatret Zeppelin.

Det sker fra kl. 14:00-16:00. Dørene åbner en halv time før.
Arrangementet er gratis, men kræver tilmelding ved at skrive til billet@hautscene.dk – skriv “How to arrive after landing” i emnefeltet.
Læs mere om arrangementet på HAUT’s hjemmeside her.


Šárka Benedová, Atul Giri, Helene Düring Kjær, Victoria Heggelund and Martine Rubin Wollan have arrived at Teatret Zeppelin for their IN PROCESS-residency. They will dive into the research of their project How To Arrive After Landing, an artistic deep-dive into empty spaces, transitions between events, silences and disorientation. Follow their work as they’ll take over Instagram and share glimpses of their process.
The residency ends with a WORKSHARING where you are invited to come and take part this Sunday 2-4pm at Teatret Zeppelin.
A WORKSHARING creates a meeting between an artistic work-in-process and you, the audience. It is a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look into the artistic development work. The artists share physical material and experiences from their investigation, followed by a moderated feedback conversation with the audience.
It is free to attend, but sign up is required – write to billet@hautscene.dk
We look forward to spending the afternoon with you!

How To Arrive After Landing

– an artistic deep-dive into empty spaces, transitions between events, silences and disorientation.

Genre: Contemporary dance/ live music 

The residency takes place at Teatret Zeppelin 

27.08.2023: kl. 14-16, Teatret Zeppelin

Signing up:
The tickets are free, but it requires signing up. You can do so by writing to billet@hautscene.dk. Write “How to arrive after landing” in the subject line.

Photo: Eduardo H. Scaramuzza

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The artistic research

This project is an interdisciplinary research anchored in contemporary dance, branching out to music and sound design, fashion and textile and other expressive means.

Šárka Benedová, Atul Giri, Helene Düring Kjær, Victoria Heggelund, and Martine Rubin Wollan research the discrepancy between the physical landing in a space and the arrival of one’s being. They are curious to question how we arrive together as individuals and as a group as we are filled with a lingering sense of summer. Can we integrate and acknowledge the places we just came from as part of our shared here and now?

The group are fascinated by empty spaces, transitions between events, silences and disorientation and ask: How can objects, sound and movement signify distances, departures and arrivals? Their approach is interdisciplinary and improvisational – they aspire to create scores that allow them to be creatively in flux with the current space, time, and inner world of each performer.


The artistic team

Šárka Benedová is a Czech performer based in Norway focusing on contemporary dance and saxophone – as separate entities as well as fluid partners in expression. Her artistic practice seeks to break barriers in perception and dissemination of art with an emphasis on accessibility. She is a co-leader of the Kunstgrillen Ensemble. Šárka’s professional background comes from the MUK Universität der Stadt Wien (AT), Escola Superior de Danca (PT) and University of Stavanger (NO)
Website / Vimeo

Helene Düring Kjær is a contemporary dance artist based in Stavanger, Norway and Aarhus, Denmark. Kjær works freelance as a dancer, choreographer, producer, and project leader. As a creator and performer, she has been engaged in her own productions, collaborations and as a dancer for choreographers. Kjær holds a BA in contemporary dance from UiS (NO). She is co-leading the Stavanger based Kunstgrillen Ensemble, which relies on interdisciplinary improvisation in public spaces.
Website / Vimeo

Atul Giri is a Stavanger based Indian ambient musician, field recording artist. Atul’s musical affinity lies in lyrical storytelling and expressions through creating diverse ambiences using voice, guitar and field recordings. He draws his inspiration from nature and raw human emotions. He has an advanced degree in Music Production & Recording Arts from UiS (NO) and is currently engaged in his music project Atúl and Field Recording project ‘Locator Project’.

Victoria Heggelund is a Stavanger based artist working across the fields of dance and textile work. Heggelund works as a dancer/choreographer/producer/fashion- and costume designer and holds a BA in contemporary dance from the University of Stavanger (NO). One of the main focuses on her artistry is how textile/clothes/music and movement can work together in a complete symbiosis rather than mere ‘compliment’ to each other.

Martine Rubin Wollan graduated from the BA contemporary dance from UiS (NO) in 2022, and now she is a contemporary dance artist based in Stavanger, Norway. In Wollan’s practice the imagination is the key to unlocking what the mind and the body are capable of doing, and all the hidden possibilities that lie within. This study focuses on the mind’s and the body’s availability and sensitivity to taking different input, and how the new input becomes the reality of the here and now, and makes the dancer fully present.
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